About IBEW and PG&E

IBEW and PG&E go way back. The IBEW had already organized seven separate local unions on California Gas and Electric when that company merged with San Francisco Gas and Electric to form PG&E in 1905. Check out our IBEW Local 1245 History to learn how the union developed into the force that we are today.

IBEW Local 1245 represents about 12,000 PG&E employees in Physical and Clerical classifications. Our labor agreements at PG&E through the years have set the standard for the utility industry. And we’re not done yet!

The rights of IBEW members at PG&E are embedded in four documents: the Clerical Agreement, the Physical Agreement, Physical Wages and the Benefits Agreement. The union’s enforcement of these agreements through the grievance procedure has produced many additional documents that clarify and expand on these rights. Union stewards rely on these documents–which can be found in the PG&E Contract Library–to protect members’ rights in the workplace.

Want to find out which Local 1245 Business Representative is responsible for representing members at your location? Check the Directory of Business Representatives.

The utility industry has been going through a period of rapid change over the past decade. When it comes to protecting your standard of living and your rights on the job, the union is the most important protection a utility employee has. You can help strengthen the union by participating. Attend your monthly unit meeting. Keep up with the latest news on the IBEW Local 1245 website. Volunteer to be a steward. Stand up for your rights!