Register for the 2015 PG&E Lineman’s Rodeo


The registration deadline for this year’s Electric Lineman’s Rodeo is July 1st. The rodeo will be held August 1st. Click here to download the flyer and registration form.

Crews give it their all at IBEW/PG&E Gas Rodeo

The winning four-person team, Los Jefes, from left: Miguel Loza, Adam Kotko, Sam Barraza and Eman.

  Gas crews sent the dirt flying in a spirited competition to see which PG&E employees will represent IBEW 1245 at the National Gas Rodeo in Colorado Springs this August. The First Annual IBEW-PG&E rodeo, held May 30 in Livermore, featured 10 two-person teams and 6 four-person teams competing in four events: digging, meter building,… [Read More]

PG&E Call Centers Letter of Agreement 15-12 Ratified

The PG&E Ballot Committee announced today that PG&E Letter Agreement No. 15-12 has been ratified by a vote of 269 to 11. A total of 280 ballots were returned. LA 15-12 covers the Unanticipated Vacation threshold, flextime procedures and time off with permission and without pay. Read the full text of the announcement here.

PG&E Letter Agreement on FR Clothing

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.13.30 PM

A recently signed Letter Agreement stipulates that the 2015 allowance for fire retardant clothing will be $500 for full-time users and $250 for part-time users. The Agreement creates four allowance groups with refresh dates corresponding to last names, as below. You can read the full text of the Letter Agreement here.

PG&E Vacation Sale for Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

A new PG&E Letter Agreement allows employees to voluntarily sell up to 40 hours of their vacation time and transfer the proceeds to the Red Cross to support relief efforts in Nepal. Employees who choose to make this donation will have their donated vacation hours converted to cash and paid directly to the Red Cross…. [Read More]