Local 1245 Crews Assist with Wind Storm Restoration in Washington and Idaho

A PG&E crew gets ready to close a cutout

More than a million residents lost power when a massive and powerful wind storm walloped the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday, Nov. 17. Local news reports indicate that wind speeds reached 119 mph in parts of Washington and Idaho, and at least four people lost their lives due to falling trees and debris. The National Weather Service reported that the storm… [Read More]

A lineman’s life, now up in movie lights

CALISTOGA — Mike Bock casts his eyes downward as he recalls a fellow electric lineman who died a few years back. In his 29 years as a lineman with PG&E, he’s known four or five linemen who died in the line of work. Theirs is a job that doesn’t get a lot of notice. But on… [Read More]

PG&E Contract Bargaining Update as of Nov. 12, 2015

The company and union bargaining committees have scheduled their next meeting in Vacaville on Dec. 1.  We expect the company to respond to our proposal for limited general negotiations consisting of a four-year contract with a 13% wage increase over the course of the contract. Given the time frame, it is probable that a new agreement… [Read More]

PG&E Contract Bargaining Update as of Oct. 31, 2015

After a meeting of the PG&E Labor Relations Executive Committee on Friday, the Company reported to the union that they were still considering the union’s proposal of Oct. 12. The Company has said that it prefers the ad hoc approach — which the union supports — for issues that do not affect the entire bargaining unit. The Company… [Read More]

PG&E Crew Receives IBEW Life-Saving Award for Rescuing a Choking Baby

Kurt Kidwell accepting the Life-Saving Award on behalf of the PG&E crew that rescued a choking baby earlier this year

When a PG&E General Construction crew saved a choking baby’s life earlier this year, the story quickly spread across the country, and the crew became infamous. The crew was comprised of IBEW 1245 members Facundo Ronquillo, Kjol Turner, Art Mayfield, Noah Studebaker and Mark Hockenberger, along with IFPTE-ESC member Kurt Kidwell and supervisor Dustin James…. [Read More]

Union Secures Double Time for PG&E Members Who Worked POT for Wildfire Restoration

More than 1,000 IBEW Local 1245 members at PG&E participated in restoration efforts following the recent rash of wildfires that have swept through PG&E’s service area. Now, thanks to aggressive pressure from the union, the company has agreed to pay double-time on prearranged overtime (POT) for Local 1245 members who were part of the collective efforts to restore power… [Read More]