In Storm’s Wake: IBEW 1245 Crews Respond

PG&E crew (Right to left) Rich Surina, Cho Nip, Sean Smith and Adam Moreno review their plan before they get to work

Photos by John Storey IBEW 1245 crews for Pacific Gas & Electric worked around the clock restoring service to customers in the wake of the major storm that pummeled northern California in mid-December. Wind gusts reached 95 mph in some higher elevations, with many communities reporting several inches of rainfall. Over 400,000 customers lost power,… [Read More]

PG&E Prepares to Ban Cell Phone Use in Vehicles in 2015

Motor vehicle incident rates for this year are projected to exceed those of last year, and distracted driving is clearly a part of the problem. For this reason, PG&E is moving forward on its proposed policy to ban cell phone use in vehicles. The program is set to be instituted in early 2015. The cell phone… [Read More]

PG&E Suspends Use of Some Helicopters Due to Engine Failures

As a result of recent engine failures of MD 500 D & E model helicopters with the Rolls Royce C20B engine, PG&E has decided that until the manufacturer can determine the cause of the failures and take corrective action, PG&E is standing down the use of these specific aircraft for all primary contractors and subcontractors performing… [Read More]

PG&E Gearing Up Behavioral Science and Technology Program

The Behavioral Science and Technology (BST) program at PG&E is designed to change safety culture through personal safety ethic, leadership style, organizational culture and best practices. So far this year, Meri Issel, Director of Safety Culture, has conducted trainings  with directors and superintendents across lines of business and is now scheduling training for department managers… [Read More]

FR Clothing Update from PG&E

The impact of the updated Fed OSHA rule requiring full FR has put a strain on the industry supply as well as PG&E’s fabric manufacturer, Westex. Below is an update from the PG&E FR Committee: Riverside Manufacturing was acquired by Affinity Apparel, a key company in the uniform industry.  Affinity, working with Riverside, has an… [Read More]