History of Service Crews at PG&E

The original service crews began in August 2006 as a result of LA R1-06-39. It was a pilot in four yards, where two-man crews worked Friday-Monday and were paid 5% above their base wage. It wasn’t until general bargaining in 2008 that the pilot ended. In 2008, part of the agreement that ratified was language… [Read More]

PG&E Contract Bargaining Update as of Jan. 21, 2016

bargainig update

This week, PG&E made a new proposal to Local 1245 for Electric Department service crews.  Service crews for electric and emergency response crews for gas are two issues that the company wants addressed in these negotiations.  It has been our position that these issues should be addressed in ad hoc negotiations, not general negotiations, and… [Read More]

Letter to the Editor: PG&E workers give their all

Editor: I am writing as a resident of Discovery Bay regarding PG&E’s recent 48-hour gas outage affecting 6,000 homes in our community. While it was a definite inconvenience, I would like to give recognition to the hard-working PG&E employees who were professional, courteous and over-the-top concerned for the residents they were servicing